We left our home to travel. To travel by sailing. But we also go deeper inland with backpacks. Here you can find where we’ve been to, our adventures and how we experience those places.

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Black hole


Our time in Colombia has ended. We had a blast. We’ve been backpacking for a month, enjoying this beautiful interior, and then we ended up in Cartagena for unplanned upgrades, renovations, new friends, and a new crew member

Pasto Z Kancelista



This is just another curiosity from the strange city of Pasto. Walking the streets of this peculiar city, just by the courthouse, we noticed yet another...

Windward, Carriacou


Windward, Carriacou – where music meets shipbuilding Once upon a time, there was a guy from Poland, who had a dream to visit Windward in Carriacou,...



Carriacou – one week on the hard Carriacou is the seventh star on Grenada’s flag. The name means surrounded by many reefs. What we learned later,...