This eFFin’ Corona

I thought this Corona madness would not affect us that much… well, I was wrong.

It was almost like a normal life. Like on those silly memes on the life of the sailor before-, and in the times of corona. Not much of a change 🙂  Soon, I started to realize that some things were taken away also from us. Usually, wherever we go, after a short time, we learn our ways of dealing with “stuff”. I mean – we travel slow, super slow, so we give ourselves time to have a feeling about local life, which includes ways we deal with repairs, health, or even how we do the provisioning. As we are living on the boat, we are not restricted to just one island. We can easily move just for some service, doctor appointments and such. Now all those options were brutally taken away from us.

St.Anne Anchorage, home for corona-lockdown

But reality hit me really bad when, by the end of the second month of the lockdown, my Dad got sick. To make it worse, he had to be hospitalized for pneumonia. Very soon situation deteriorated and he had to have heart surgery as well. Him, being 78, lungs and heart problem, in the hospital, in the times of corona? Too much! Honestly, just by that first point I’d be packing my bags and flying pronto to Frankfurt, just to be next to him. Unfortunately, a global pandemic happened, and that single f!@&#% thing blocked me entirely. No planes, curfew, quarantine upon arrival, no entry to the hospital, etc., etc. It made me angry, it made me sad, it made me devastated and most of all it made me helpless. I was on the yacht, on the beautiful anchorage, in stunning aquamarine water, the sun was shining and I just felt imprisoned. I wish I would never have to feel that way again…

There is a positive ending to that story. After four surgeries, my Dad just got out of the hospital. Thanks to the brilliant German healthcare system, he managed not to be infected by coronavirus. He is feeling better now and we are all more optimistic. The world is slowly getting back on track: French borders soon will open; airlines are restoring connections with Europe. The next step is the opening of Trinidad and Tobago, where we hope we could safely leave the boat and go visit the family in Europe. Time for holidays anyway, right? 

Meanwhile, we keep ourselves busy, visiting places that we skipped last time… very soon, all about.

Yo-Ho and the bottle of rum!
White Dog Crew, over and out

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